Sit tall

I’ve been watching lots of yoga lately, and it says you need to stand tall so your back doesn’t get hurt. I’m trying my best but I look strange doing it



Adventures! Dad took us on an adventure up Arthurs Seat one night after work, it was sunny, loads of fun smells and shiny things! It was  a bit hot though 😦


Guess what! We had our birthdays last weekend! We got cake! We love cake! Cake cake cake cake! Small dog is 4 and I’m 5. Mum said I’m old, but im still a puppy! Small dog got a pirate hat 🙂 

Loch lomond

The humans took us to Loch lomond at the weekend and it was beautiful sunshine! As the water was clean and non salty they gave us long leads to allow us to play! It would have been the best day ever, if it wasn’t for the nasty water… I jumped off the edge and almost drowned my self 😦 mum and dad laughed at me and had to help me out. Seems like I’m not very good at swimming…



Zorkle thinks she is a goat! Every rock we find she tries to stand on. Mum, dad, aunty Sarah and uncle Tony took us on an adventure with our mischief making friend Cooper, we got to jump in water, eat crunchy things and get muddy! All key things to a good walk!



Since mum was away, Michaela volunteered to run with small dog, not sure who enjoyed it more as both looked pretty happy at the end! I tried to run, but im built to look pretty, not to run.